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  • The Fleet of Hope - AIDS awareness campaign with symbolic pictures of Father Bernard Joinet (Tanzania) - translated in English
  • HIV/AIDS: Pastoral action, from which perspective? Father Abel Manuel dos Santos
  • The prevention of HIV-AIDS in the pronouncements of the Church Father Emilio Sumbelelo
  • Moral aspects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic Father Ezequiel Faria
  • Some sociological and psychological aspects of the assistence to HIV-carriers. Sister Angelina Mateus, FdC.
  • The AIDS program of the Church in Zambia - Report of Father Alberto Mandavili - with pictures
  • "Give us Peace!" Pastoral Notice of The Angolan Bishop's Conference on PEACE
  • "The Church and AIDS" Pastoral Notice of The Angolan Bishop's Conference on AIDS
  • AIDS Kills? Salvation is in your heart Dom Francisco de Mata Mourisca
  • Internet as a means of evangelization in Africa Michael Buykx
  • Chronicle of the pilgrimage of Our Lady in the Diocese of Benguela - Father Moises Rafael
  • Statue of Our Lady makes a pilgrim to the airport of Lunda sul Father Zeferino Passagem
  • The Diocese of Benguela, as seen after 32 years Father Emílio Sumbelelo
  • Seminary "Bom Pastor" 25 years. Father Gabriel José Musungu
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    Many internacional documents deserve attention of the Catholic Church in Angola. Very interesting documents of Angolan priests, sisters and laymen should be accessible to the audience. This website provides Portuguese versions of sermons, reports and other texts that are worthwile according to the visitors. Whoever would like to publish his sermon, message, picture etc. at this page, is invited to send an e-mail to deacon M.Buykx the former webmaster, now living in the Netherlands.

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    www.AIDSchurch.tk in English
    • Angola: HIV/AIDS - Fighting the unknown
      Special Session of the UN General Assembly on HIV/SIDA 25-27 june.
      The civil war has slowed down the rapid expansion of AIDS in Angola, but no trustworthy estatistics are available. - IRIN-SA 25th june 2001. in English

    • " The Church and AIDS " Pastoral Message of the Angolan Bishops' Conference - 12th march 2002 NEW

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    Ecce dies quem Dominus fecit!

  • "Give us Peace!" Pastoral Notice of the Angolan Bishops' Conference - March 12th 2002 NEW

  • Press release of COIEPA (3rd April 2002)
    The Reverend Daniel Ntoni-Nzinga of the Inter-Eclesiastical Comission for Peace in Angola NEW

  • Angola com esperança
    "The post-Savimbi era" - Congregation of the Holy Spirit

  • Benguela: number of victims of the flood goes up
    voice of America, 2nd april 2002

  • Sakharov Prize for Dom Zacarias Kamuenho !
    President of CEAST and COIEPA won the Prize for peace & justice of the European Parliament.
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    Rádio Ecclesia is the Radio Station of the Catholic Church in Luanda. It has some texts available in English as well.

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    Daily news of the Voice of America - Luanda.




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